Review: Sakura Grosso Gel (Again)

Sakura Grosso GelI have never done this before on The Pen Addict but I am re-reviewing a pen that I like so much already and gets no love because it is not readily available.  The Sakura Grosso Gel was first brought to my attention by Lily at JetPens, who was kind enough to send me my original sample from one of her trips to Japan.  I fell in love with the sleek and comfortable barrel design and excellent performance of the 0.5mm gel ink cartridge.  For what are I am sure very excellent reasons, JetPens decided not to carry this pen, and I didn't really give that decision much of a second thought.  But I kept bringing this pen out time and time again because I enjoyed writing with it.

That was last June.  Fast forward to February of this year, and what appears in my awesome package from Bryan in Japan?  Another Sakura Grosso Gel!  It's the exact same pen as before, except this one had black accents as opposed to the blue accents on my original pen.  Hooray for backup pens!  Getting another one of these pens made me wish they were easier to get my hands on, and see what, if any, other options they come in, because I think they are pretty cool as they are right now.

This is not a world beater pen though - it's more of a good all-around workhorse.  It takes a back seat to some of my other favorites, but I do get a kick just from carrying it around in my backpack and breaking it out from time to time.    Maybe one day they will be easier to get a hold of.

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Posted on April 23, 2009 .