Review: Bic Triumph 730R

Sakura Grosso GelI've never been a fan of the Bic line of pens.  The barrel design of the majority of the gel and liquid ink pens you find on the shelves is nice enough to tease you into to buying the pen, only to get it home and have it perform terribly.  I've done that dance time and time again, until finally giving up on them altogether.  But the packaging and barrel design of another Bic pen caught my eye while strolling the pen aisle in Target a few weeks back, so I hesitantly grabbed a two-pack of the Triumph 730R and set off to be disappointed again.  But I wasn't - not even remotely.

The 730R is a very pleasant writing experience.  It may be blasphemous, but this pen is very comparable to the Pilot Precise V line, which is high praise indeed.  Bic has mixed things up a bit with this pen by jazzing up the design, and making it refillable.  Some info from

Like the 537R model, the BIC Triumph 730R roller pen is refillable and comes in either a 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm point, and offers the same ultra-smooth writing system.

“The barrel design is unlike anything on the market, with a streamlined tapered end with silver imprints which give the pen an ultra-premium feel,” added Lacasse.

The 730R also features a contoured grip area for comfort and control, a chiseled silver clip, a refillable ink cartridge, and an ink window.

Sara ran across this pen in her many adventures and liked it also.  If you are looking for a well designed, smooth writing needle tip liquid ink pen, then you could do a lot worse than the Bic 730R.

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Posted on April 29, 2009 .