Review: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Muscat 0.3mm

Pilot Hi-Tec-CCan you make that out?  No?  Lean in a little closer.  A little more.  Still no?  Yeah, me neither.

I had a conversation a few months back - I can't remember if it was on the comments section here, on Twitter, Flickr, or where exactly - but we were talking about favorite/least favorite Pilot Hi-Tec-C colors.  I mentioned I would review my least favorite color soon, but I didn't want to give it away until I finished.  Well, here it is in all of its glory - Muscat.

If you think the picture is hard to make out, you would be interested to know that it is just as hard to write with.  I honestly had to keep stopping to go back to read what I just wrote because I wasn't able to make it out on the page.  The Doane Paper doesn't help, but the Muscat would be too light even on a plain white background.  And you can forget anything resembling the off white of Moleskine paper - it's as good as invisible ink on there.

But in all seriousness, this really isn't a color I should be writing with anyway, which is my day in and day out requirement for all of the pens I review.  This is a pen that I could see being used by artists and doodlers alike for shading, coloring in, texture, etc.  Just not so much for writing, at least in my book.

What makes pens so great is that we all have our own little individual traits that make us love or hate a pen.  Color, feel, performance, durability, the list goes on and on, and we will all defend our favorites until the end.  Just like the person who I was talking to about what her favorite Pilot Hi-Tec-C color was.  Yep, Muscat.

Click Here for the XL review - where you may actually have a chance to read it.

Posted on May 11, 2009 .