Review: Maruman Mnemosyne Inspiration Notebook

Mnemosyne Inspiration Notebook
This notebook is a big time winner.  In fact, the Mnemosyne Inspiration is the best notebook/paper/sketchpad I have reviewed since getting my first Doane Legal Pads.  As odd as it sounds, it is the landscape layout that really gets me going.  I know, just take any sheet of paper or notebook I own and turn it sideways, right?  Well, it's not the same of course.  The design and construction of the notebook are fantastic, and makes me want to attack each page with great vengeance.  My sketch above (click for larger view) isn't exactly creative, but this is what I see this notebook being used for.  It is the perfect layout.

I haven't run my standard battery of ink tests yet, but the pen I used for this review is the Lamy Safari EF with the standard Lamy black ink.  There was no bleed, no feathering, and very little show through on the back of the page (see below).  If fountain pen ink holds up this well on the page, that says a lot about the type and quality of the paper.  Another feature I like about this notebook is the extra thick and rigid backboard.  You can take the Inspiration anywhere for inspiration and have a great writing experience.

I received this sample from JetPens, where they sell for $26.00 for a pack of three.  More details on the Mnemosyne Inspiration:

Measures 6.25 x 8.25 inches and contains 70 graph lined A5 size (5.8 × 8.25 inches) micro perforated sheets. Ideal for brainstorming and sketching. Graph lines are light gray for subtlety. Each page has a space on the top line for “Title/No” and features a small gray arrow in the middle of the top to signify the midpoint of the page. Pages are acid-free so they won't yellow over time.

These new Mnemosyne notebooks are an “it” product in Japan. They are perfectly designed with the professional in mind and are great for drawing down inspiration and ideas. Everyone from a college student to a working professional will find this notebook useful and particularly well-designed. Named after the Greek goddess for memory, each Mnemosyne notebook features a sturdy cover and is firmly bound with a dual ring system.

These are not the cheapest notebooks out there, but this is a case where I believe you are getting what you pay for.

Mnemosyne Inspiration Notebook

Posted on May 13, 2009 .