Ink Links

***Just a few days left to enter the Big May Copic Giveaway***

-- Pen porn  (Shh, I'm Counting)

-- Blue Ghost  (Unposted)

-- My Rotring Collection  (Graphite Romance)

-- Sheaffer Imperial Pencil  (Dave's Mechanical Pencils)

-- My Red Pens (or some of them anyway)  (Good Pens)

-- Pilot Frixion 0.7mm Heat and Freeze test  (Drawing with a Squirrel)

-- Addicted to ink (The Emporia Gazette)

-- Welcome to the new Rhodia Drive  (Rhodia Drive)

-- Review of the Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink 0.7 mm Purple Pen  (Lung Sketching Scrolls)

-- Three and a half years of notes  (vaughan london on Flickr)

-- My pen list  (Kelly Kilmer via Pentamento)

-- I love Stationery  (RevRuth's Rantings)

-- Uniball Kuru Toga Pencil Review and BIG Giveaway  (Office Supply Geek)

-- The Collective Inkwell Interview: Brian Anderson of Dog Eat Doug  (Collective Inkwell)

-- Kristina Collantes Drawing  (Doodlers Anonymous)

-- Rhodia, Stabilo & Levenger  (Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Twenty-Something DIYer)

-- The Duke Ruby  (Leigh Reyes)

Posted on May 16, 2009 .