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I want to make special mention of a new pen blog that I am really excited about called My Supply Room.  George emailed me several months back about the immense collection of pens he has from the 60s, and even teased me with a photo of all the goodies.  I was taken aback by the quality and quantity of his collection, and luckily for all of us, he has created a blog to review and explain everything he has.  Do yourself a favor and bookmark this one right away so you don't miss a single update of a really unique pen collection.

My Supply Room

-- Frindling is another new pen blog on the block from @crazytales on Twitter  (Frindling)

-- Pentel Energel Violet 0.7mm  (The Pen Blog)

-- J. Herbin Orange Indien  (Unposted)

-- Pentel Slicci .25 Gel Ink Pen Review  (Office Supply Geek)

-- Places & Spaces: The New York Public Library (Children’s Room!)  (Stickers and Donuts)

-- Seven Flavors of Aqua  (An Inkophile's Blog)

-- Water Resistance Test of Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 0.3mm Refills  (Potentially Percipicacious)

-- Noodler's Ink "Luxury Blue" and a new cause  (Good Pens)

-- Review of pocket Moleskine-alike notebooks  (D*I*Y Planner)

-- Moment by Moment: Maruman, Graham and Me  (Pentamento)

-- Noodler's Habanero - Spicy for the Summer  (Goldspot Pens)

-- Pilot Symmetry  (The Pen Archives)

-- Diplomat Esteem Fountain Pen Review  (La Plume Etoile)

-- TŪL Mechanical Pencil Review  (Dave's Mechanical Pencils)

-- From the National Stationery Show...  (Quo Vadis Blog)

-- Sharpie Books It To “Miami Graffiti” Launch Party  (Sharpie Blog)

-- Shopping spree in HK - part 1  (Graphite Jungle)

-- Another Jet Pens order...  (Cat's Jot Spot)

-- Vancouver: A paper nerd's review  (Strikethru)

-- Moleskine | The Addiction Continues  (0MAk0's Posterous)

-- Don't forget - JetPens is now on Twitter

Posted on May 23, 2009 .