Review: Copic Drawing Pen F02

Copic Drawing PenI received this pen as a sample from Marianne at I Like Markers, and I was very excited to give it a spin.  With a name like Copic Drawing Pen you would think it would have a tip similar to the Copic Multi Liners, but it actually sports a fountain pen nib.  In the world of Copic Markers, the Drawing Pen is designed to be a compliment to the marker line, mostly being used for inking and lining prior to the markers being laid down.  The main advantage to using both of these items together is that the Drawing Pen ink is Copic proof, essentially meaning that the ink won't bleed when used with Copic markers.  I didn't get to test that out prior to sending my marker samples out to Yogi, but I imagine it is safe to say it works just fine.

What I did test out with this pen was its regular writing ability, which is the main day-to-day function of the majority of pens I review.  You can check out the details in full in the written review at left, but overall, this is a really fun pen.  The feel reminds me a lot of the Platinum Preppy disposable fountain pen, but the Copic has a finer line.  The ink is not a perfect pitch black like you would find from the standard black Lamy fountain pen ink, but it is close to the Sharpie Pen black ink color.  This pen on paper writes a lot like the Sharpie Pen as a matter of fact, and that is definitely a compliment.

I have had this review done for a few weeks now, but now that JetPens has started carrying these ($4.95/ea.), I figured now was as good of time as any to post this.


This has nothing to do with the performance of the pen, but there is something visually that bothers me with this pen that I can't shake.  If a pen has writing on the barrel, I like the main text to be centered with the clip when the cap is posted.  That just how I am, and I do this with all of my pens.  With the Copic Drawing Pen, I post the cap with the clip lined up as always, but the nib doesn't line up with the text and the clip.  With a fountain pen nib, you are obviously forced to write holding the pen in just one position.  With the four Drawing Pens that I have, the nibs are all in different positions.  The photo near the bottom of the page at JetPens illustrates what I am talking about.  This is so NOT a big deal, but it is something that causes me constant fidgeting and glances at the barrel.  I know, I'm crazy that way.

Posted on May 27, 2009 .