Review: Pilot FriXion Point 0.4mm Erasable Gel

Pilot FriXionPilot has really turned the corner on the FriXion line after what I thought was a slow start, and the FriXion Point 0.4mm is a nice addition.  The main difference between this pen and any previous version is the needle tip, as opposed to the the standard conical shape tip.  I always worry about the writing quality of erasable inks, but even with an 0.4mm tip, this pen writes wonderfully.  The black is surprisingly dark - not pitch black, but good enough - and the colored inks are very bright and the lines are solid.

The pen isn't perfect though, managing to include the biggest flaw from the first FriXion model in this one: the eraser is on the butt of the pen, so you have to take the pen cap on and off when writing to get to the eraser.  This isn't a problem for some, but it is an annoyance to me.  I though they were heading down the path of correction with the Colored Pencil Like FriXion which had the eraser on the end of the cap, but no such luck with this one.  I'll get over it because I do enjoy the look and feel of this pen, but it could be so much better.

Thanks to JetPens for the black model, and thanks to Mariko from Super Eggplant for bringing me back the 5 color set from Japan.  I am very impressed with the colored inks, although it doesn't look like the Lime Green survived the trip home.  I'll review some of these individually in the near future.

Click Here for the XL review.

Posted on May 29, 2009 .