Review: Zebra Sarasa Stick 0.3mm Black

Zebra SarasaI received my first Zebra Sarasa Stick from fellow pen addict Bryan in Japan, and it has been a very enjoyable writing experience.  When I saw that JetPens started stocking this pen - and in loads of colors and sizes to boot - I was anxious to add a few 0.3mm models to my collection.  A few clicks later, and new pens were on their way!

I ordered two - one black ink, and the other purple.  I broke out the purple first, and it was fine for a while, then it got a little skippy.  I set it down in favor of the black to do the review, and the black was cruising right along until it hit a dry patch about halfway through the page.  It only lasted for two words and then was right back to normal, and didn't happen again.  I didn't stop writing with it in an effort to see how long it would go before picking up again.  Fortunately it wasn't too long.  I haven't run into this issue with my 0.4mm version, and I'm wondering if I just didn't get these pens warmed up enough before putting them to the test.  I do run across pens from time to time that need a little more ink flow and friction before settling into a good writing groove.  Maybe these fall into that category.  I like the look and feel of this pen a lot, so I will give them a little more time before making a final decision.

Has anyone else experienced this with this particular pen?

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Posted on June 12, 2009 .