Review: Uni-Ball Jetstram 3 0.5mm Multi Pen

Uni-Ball JetstreamHey!  You already reviewed this pen before, right?  Not so fast my friends.  While I have reviewed the Uni-Ball Jetstream 0.7mm multi pen in the past, I have not reviewed the 0.5mm version, and to me, the difference in tip size is a big deal.

I am a gel ink fan first and foremost, followed by liquid ink pens, and only after those two do the ballpoints come into play.  The Jetstream line has done its best to make me change my ways, but I still reach for the gel first about 90 % of the time.  The 0.5mm Jetstream though - that pen speaks to me in a way no other ballpoint ever has.  I first tried out the blue ink in the Basic barrel, and was very impressed how the 0.5mm performed.  Seeing how much I enjoyed that pen, the multi pen was a must get when JetPens started carrying the 0.5mm black/blue/red version a couple of months ago.

The performance of the multi pen is equal to the single cartridge version (meaning excellent), and comes in much more handy for me seeing how I like to switch colors so often.  The barrel is just the right size, and the grip is a soft yet firm rubber similar to what you would find on the Sport or Basic series.  The fire engine red barrel jumped off the page at me, and looks just as good in person.  I still carry around and 0.7mm Jetstream just in case I get the urge, but I can't remember the last time I chose it over the 0.5mm.

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Posted on July 13, 2009 .