Reader Mailbag

I have had a few questions sitting in my mailbox from readers looking for help.  Maybe you have some ideas?

Rachel has lost her favorite pen:

It was small and looked like a pencil (half the length I'd say of a normal pen) with a hexagonal, red, pencil like wood casing for the pen. It was retractable and the push button on top was silver and metal. I cannot remember the make although it was written down the side of it. The nib was needlepoint and wrote in such a way that it looked as if the writing had been written in pencil (ie, it wasn't a very deep black coloured ink).  Do you have any idea at all of who might make this pen?
Glenn wonders how long some pens last:
I don't know if you've attempted this or if you'd even have time for it (or maybe you know of someone else who's done it), but after recently buying some of your top picks and other favorites (mostly gel, like .4mm Sarasas and thin Uniball Signo - which I think are great), I got curious about how each pen typically lasts. I noticed that some have fairly thick barrels of the ink cartridge itself, which makes me think they won't last that long.  Anyhow, just wondering if you're aware of anybody who has done any kind of "test" to see which pen gives the most bang for the buck (or if you could figure out a way to make it happen?).
Jeremy (and several other commentors) want to know about pen hacks:
I've found a pen that is just perfect save for one's looks.  I ordered some Uni-ball Signo DX 0.28mm pens from jetpens, and while I absolutely love the way they write and the colors they support, I'm not too keen on the style of the pen itself.  I was wondering if you had some across a Uni-ball pen that tool the DX ink refills.  My other favorite pen is the Pilot G2 Limited and I was able to put the 0.38mm refill in that and it performs beautifully and looks nice to boot.  Something I like having clients see me with.  So ya, I was wondering if you knew of something similar for the Uni-ball.

Unfortunately for Rachel, I haven't come across any pen that meets that description.  For Glenn, that is one failing of this blog.  I use so many different pens now it is rare when I run the ink out of one.  I will say pretty much any Zebra pen is going to run out of ink prior to a comparable pen.  That has been the case for years as far as I'm concerned.  Jeremy's pen hack situation is something I want to explore more, but haven't had the time to yet.  One of the most basic refill swaps that I do enjoy though is the Uni-Ball Signo RT cartridge (lavender black please!) into the Uni-Ball Signo Premier 207 barrel.  It is a perfect fit.

Feel free to leave any thoughts or suggestions you have in the

Posted on July 26, 2009 .