Review: Uni-Ball Signo 0.7mm Light Blue

Uni-Ball SignoIn my quest to review more pens in the greater than 0.5mm line width category, I ordered a few Uni-Ball Signo 0.7mm pens from JetPens.  Specifically, this is the UM-100 model in light blue, which unspecifically means it is a standard capped, stick type pen.  As with many other pens in the Uni-Ball line, you will notice immediately upon picking up the pen that the construction is top notch.  The barrel feels extremely sturdy, and there are no shakes or rattles to be found.

I didn't really know what to expect from the 0.7mm size - especially since that is not really my forte - but since it is a Uni-Ball pen I should have known it would be good.  It borders on excellent to be honest.  The lines are thick, but stay clean and sharp with no bleeding or feathering at all.  The larger the tip size the smoother the pen should write, and that is the case with this Signo.  I find this shade of light blue to be original and unique to Uni-Ball as well.  No one else really matches this color with their light blue/sky blue/baby blue offerings.

This is a workhorse pen, and that is a big compliment in my book.  I feel like I could use this pen for anything at anytime and it won't give me any troubles.  The 12 color set may be in my future, but in the meantime, I'll grab a few more of the individual colors at just $1.50 a pop.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on July 30, 2009 .