Guest Review: J. Herbin Bleu Nuit Ink

J. HerbinWhile trying to think of something to write for my first review of anything, I came across a newspaper article on the FTC announcing an expansion of its endorsement guidelines to include blogs.  So in the interests of full disclosure let me acknowledge that the bottle of J. Herbin Bleu Nuit ink was provided free by Karen Doherty, VP Marketing, Exaclair as part of their Bastille Day celebration.  She also included two small notebooks, a baby Rhodia lined pad and a mini Clairefontaine wirebound lined 90g paper.  No money exchanged hands for this review (though I certainly would have paid).  More importantly, no zebras were harmed in the process of filling the converter.

The Bleu Nuit is a lovely medium dark blue, like 501 jeans denim after a few washes.  The color patch definitely has some purple in it, but when writing I think I see some dark gray.  I'm using a Rotring Surf fountain pen with a medium steel nib and a slightly cranky attitude regarding its main purpose in life (to glide over this Rhodia 80g paper smoothly, thank you).  I may not be exerting enough pressure however.  One thing I noticed is how the Bleu Nuit seems darker this morning as compared to the writing sample from last night.  I think the nib and innards of my pen were still slightly wet from changing inks and washing with lukewarm water.  So I've learned I'll need to wait 12 hours or so to really get a sense of the color.
J. Herbin's Bleu Nuit is definitely a great addition to your blue ink collection.  It dries reasonably fast, which is a plus when the cats decide to lay down on the pad and have a quick snooze before their main nap--'cause they can!

Thanks for doing this review Diane - it is much appreciated!  If anyone else would like to contribute a guest post on The Pen Addict, I would love to have you. Email me at the address on the sidebar, or ping me on Twitter @dowdyism.

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Posted on August 21, 2009 .