Review: Tachikawa Comic Nib Fountain Pen - School Model Nib - Extra Fine - Black Ink


This pen is pretty amazing.  When I started writing with it, I couldn't believe how fine the line was.  I know it is an extra fine tip and it is designed with manga illustartors in mind, but I really had no concept of just how fine it was when ordering it.  If I maintain a slow, consistent pace when writing, I think this pen is one of the best I have used for detailed work.  If I get a little ahead of myself in the pace department, there is some streakiness or inconsistencies in the line, but as I said, that is purely self inflicted.

JetPens has a few more details:

The pen is intended for frequent use. If the pen is not used for two weeks or more, it will dry up. If it dries up, please soak the tip in water to revive it. If the pen is dry for more than three weeks, it will be permanently damaged.

The Tachikawa fountain pen is a world-famous tool among anime artists. This fountain pen style drawing pen has a tip and look similar to the Copic Drawing Pen, except it's refillable. The pen has a stainless steel tip perfect for inking and drawing. Black or sepia waterproof ink refill cartridges available. Insert ink cartridges when pen is facing down.

Not a bad package at all for $6.00.  Now I just need to be sure I use it enough to keep it in good working order.

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Posted on September 2, 2009 .