Review: TUL 0.7mm Retractable Gel Blue


If you have an Office Max in your area, and you haven't stopped in to give their TUL brand a try, you are really missing out.  When I bought my TUL 0.5mm Needle Point pens many months ago, my wife grabbed a pack of the standard tip 0.7mm blue, which is her preferred pen setup.  I of course squirreled one away for myself, and coming as no surprise whatsoever, it performs great.

Could the TUL have been a Top 5 contender?  Definitely, and it would probably be right in the #6 or #7 range if I were to extend the list out a bit.  The blue is a really nice shade, and the gel ink is as clean and tight as any other top gel ink pen like the Pilot G-2.  It gives an effortless writing experience, and if they would just improve the grip are a bit I don't think I would have any issues with this pen.

I need to take another road trip to my closest Office Max when I get a chance to try out some of the colored gel ink TULs.  I'm sure they would be just as good as this.

Click here for the XL version.

Posted on September 25, 2009 .