Review: Pilot BeGreen Precise Gel 0.7mm

Pilot Precise

File this one under "What the heck was I thinking?".  I have already gone on record saying how much I dislike the Pilot P-500 Precise Gel Roller, but I didn't put two and two together when grabbing the environmentally friendly model off of the grocery store shelf.  I was caught in a moment of I need that, and didn't take a moment to really consider what I was buying.

For the uninitiated, the Pilot BeGreen line takes an existing ink cartridge - say the Pilot G-2, or in this case the P-700 - and wraps an eco-friendly barrel around it.  This is a great program, and in cases like the Pilot G-Knock (the eco-friendly G-2), I like the eco barrel even better than the original.  Unfortunately in the case of the Precise, it is the same needle tip gel ink cartridge that I dislike so much.

Looks like this pen is about to be recycled one more time.

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Posted on September 30, 2009 .