The Second Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper

Welcome to the September 8, 2009 edition of carnival of pen, pencil and paper. My name is Brad, and I am a pen addict, and I am also the host for this months blog carnival. So sit back, relax, grab a funnel cake or maybe a fried Twinkie, and enjoy this months submissions.

Editor's Choice

Clement Dionglay presents Rants of The Archer: Oh, I Got 'Red' posted at Rants of the Archer.

Sam presents How To: Platinum Preppy Eyedropper with Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa (Iron Gall) Ink posted at Future; Nostalgic, saying, "This was a really interesting project and the first time I've tried iron gall ink. As I write this, a week on from the beginning of the test, the Preppy is still in complete working order and the ink remains free-flowing."

Wise_Bread presents Back to School: Savings and DIY Projects for Craft Capable Cheapskates posted at Wisebread.

Nick Folz presents This is how I roller ball: Pen Post posted at Brokecracker Bi-Weekly Comics, saying, "Small time comic artist seeks fame and fortune cookies."

Notebook Reviews

Nifty Notebook presents EBay Find: Westinghouse Diary, 1945 posted at Notebook Stories, saying, "Photos of a wonderful old pocket diary given out as a promotional item over 60 years ago!"

CynthiaNiklas presents Review: Side-By-Side Comparison of Cartesio and Moleskine Daily Planners posted at Journaling Arts.

Pen Reviews

John Hartzog presents Tommy And The Platinum Pro-Use 03 MSD-1000A posted at Pens And Pencils, saying, "Drafting Pencil Review"

Office Supply Geek presents Noodler’s Blue Ghost Fluorescent Bulletproof Ink posted at Office Supply Geek.

Delilah presents For There Is Nothing That We Can Do posted at Gathering Orange, saying, "I'm trying to write a blog for college students and am literally just getting my feet wet, but I hope you like this rant!"

Tom Oddo presents Pelikan M200 Italic Special Production Review posted at Goldspot Pens, saying, "A side by side comparison of the new italic M200 nib with the standard Pelikan steel nibs found on the Tradition series."

Okami0731 presents Featured Pen - Esterbrook Pastels posted at Whatever.

Jackie Flaherty presents Pen and Ink Swap posted at Letters & Journals, saying, "This blog post was the result of an international swap that Sam and I did."

Ruby Seng presents A New Pelikan posted at Toying with light.

Alberto presents Pentel Aquash Watercoloring Crayons Review posted at Lung Sketching Scrolls, saying, "A convenient portable watercolor crayon tin set"

ana presents Pilot Opt 0.5 Mechanical Pencil posted at snowangels, saying, "Mechanical Pencil review."

Kurt presents My favorite writers that I don't own. posted at Titivillus's sack of fun, saying, "Something that's part review and part regret."

User's Collection

ana presents The Elusive Black Pearl! posted at snowangels, saying, "Technically, not a pen review. Rather, its an eraser review."

Michael Leddy presents Fineline erasers posted at Orange Crate Art, saying, "This is a post from The Museum of Supplies, an occasional series on my blog, devoted to old stationery items purchased from even older stores."

OPTED Magazine presents Use one piece of paper to keep you on track posted at OPTED Magazine.

Eric Cramer presents Moleskine GTD posted at Mr. Sir's Blog, saying, "my easy little moleskine GTD hack. subscribe to my blog for notebook, pen, ink, random rambling and sometimes tech news."


Diane Bobal presents My Tarot Journal posted at Pocket Blonde, saying, "This is a special journal I made that I'm really proud of and really like. Thought I'd submit, showing off one of my collection pieces."

Monda presents All I Need is this Stapler... posted at No Telling, saying, "All I really need is...about six hours at the office and school supply store."

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Posted on September 8, 2009 .