Updated Top 5 Pens List

Top 5 PensIt is time to make a few updates to my Top 5 Pens list that I keep on the sidebar.  The Zebra Sharbo X remains strong at the top, but an old standby - the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto - has come charging back into the number two spot.  I ordered two limited edition Coleto barrels off of eBay which renewed my interest in that pen, and I have been using them a ton recently.

The Sharpie Pen RT, formerly at #5, no longer makes the cut.  I have had a bunch of trouble with the tip of the pen drying out, which the original never did.  I think I was a little too quick to rank that one, but I did just pick up the Sharpie Pen Grip, and it looks like an improvement.  Taking the final spot is a pen that keeps growing on me, and I find myself reaching for all of the time - the Uni-Ball Jetstream Basic Series 0.5mm Blue.  I love how fine and clean this pen writes, and is a great value for the price.

The full list:

1. Zebra Sharbo X

2. Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto

3. Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.38mm

4. Pentel Slicci 0.3mm

5. Uni-Ball Jetstream 0.5mm

Posted on January 11, 2010 .