Fountain Pens for Daily Use

I recently starting collecting fountain pens this past summer and fell in love with them. This compelled me to convert all my school stationery to become more fountain pen friendly, with the idea that I could use fountain pens to take notes in class.

On the first day of lecture in my physics class, I tried it out and decided that I should really just stick to using gel pens to take notes. I had the following problems: the doesn't dry fast enough making the ink smear, the ink is too water soluble, and I just feel really pretentious (and I just get distracted by my pen and start writing random things). It seems that all the problems are down to the ink, as I am basically using Private Reserve Velvet Black, but I'm really afraid of loading other types of ink into my fountain pens, and the safest inks seem to have similar problems. 

FountainPensDailyUseThe mild sadness that is seen through my physics notes on a side-staple bound ~A5 Rhodia notebook. (Areas circled in red = problems which include smudging and distraction.)

Now, it's really difficult for me to find time to use or take care of my fountain pens. I've basically emptied them all and then now only dip whenever I feel the need to use them.

I'm wondering, how do you find time to use fountain pens? And if you use them daily, how often do you use them and in what situations do you use them in? 

Posted on December 2, 2010 and filed under Amy, Fountain Pens.