Review: Uni-Ball Style Fit Single Color Pen Body - Black

Uni-Ball Style FitThis is a really cool pen, I just can't decide if it is useful, or worth the money.  The Uni-Ball Style Fit line originally came in three and five cartridge barrels, but I was surprised to see a single cartridge barrel added to a multi pen system.  I was pretty excited to order it and try it out because I thought it was something unique, but if I was going to go through that trouble, why not just order the Signo DX of my liking and be done with it?

To put together a gel ink single cartridge Style Fit, the barrel will cost you .75 cents, and the gel refill $1.50.  The regular Signo DX is $2.25, and sports a more durable barrel, not to mention 2-3 times the amount of ink.  I can put these single cartridge barrels to good use though.  Seeing as how I am a pen addict, I have a few extra style fit cartridges laying around, so I might as well create a few extra pens by ordering some of these barrels.  What I do like is that I now have a retractable DX, but heck, that is pretty much what the Signo RT is, and those are only $1.50.  It is funny to call a .75 cent item a luxury item, but that is what this is.

From a writing perspective, the design makes it feel like you are writing with a small paint brush, or even a chopstick.  I like it, but the barrel length and size made me feel like I couldn't write as neatly as I wanted when using an .28mm pen.  If nothing else, try one out for yourself.  The whole shooting match will only set you back the cost of a regular Signo DX.  I could see someone loving these and buying 10 barrels for 10 ink cartridges.  That sure would look nice in the cup on your drawing table.

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Posted on February 11, 2010 .