Review: TUL Medium Ballpoint

TUL BallpointMy first TUL pen disappointment.  As great as this pen looks, and as great as the other gel ink TUL pens I have tested perform, the TUL ballpoint just isn't up to snuff.  To make matters worse, the pen barrel is coated with a micro-thin layer of rubber - something other brands of pens do as well - but this one is not good.

I had only recently purchased this pen, pulled it out to write a few lines, said "hmm, not bad", and filed it away in my pen case where I keep the group of pens that I need to review.  When it came time to review it a couple of days later, I removed it from my pen case only to find it coated in lint from the case.  Mind you, this is not a lined pen case, nor did any other pen have lint on it at all, despite the fact they were in there weeks longer than the TUL.  As unfair as it might be, the lint incident totally skewed my perception of this pen.

Since I really couldn't get the barrel cleaned up, I was pretty annoyed when writing with it.  As I mentioned in the written review, the grip is the best part of the pen.  It is just a basic rubber grip, but much superior to the grips on the gel ink TULs.  The diameter is also a bit smaller than the gel, but it still a decent width.  If you absolutely have to have a ballpoint TUL, then go for it - it writes decently enough.  I am far too anal to even try it again.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on February 22, 2010 .