Review: Zebra Sarasa 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen

Zebra SarasaI am a big fan of Zebra multi pens and pencils, but this basic Sarasa 3 color gel ink multi pen falls a bit short.  I love the barrel design - it feels very sturdy, and is not too wide to hold comfortably when writing.  All of the pen mechanics are solid as well.  The plungers snap into place, and eject with ease.

So what are the issues with this pen?  First of all, the blue ink is so dark that it feels like I have a pen with two black cartridges.  I am used to Zebra having a darker basic blue ink than most companies default blue, but this is even beyond their norm.  I could try to swap it out for another refill, but I don't think that would make much of a difference.  Also, these ink cartridges don't write as sharply as I am used to with other comparable Sarasas.  Maybe I am getting too used to how awesome the Sarasa Clip pens write and am unfairly comparing the two.  They clearly don't profess to be the same.

I have so many multi pens that I use on a regular basis that a new one is going to have to be really spectacular to break into the rotation, and this Zebra Sarasa multi doesn't quite cut it.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on February 26, 2010 .