Review: Uni-Ball Jetstream Color Ink Series 0.5mm Pink

Uni-Ball JetstreamWhen I saw the Jetstream Color Series hit the new product feed at JetPens, I couldn't get them on the way fast enough.  There are six total colors available - black, red, blue black, pink, orange, and light blue - and I ordered the four non-standard colors outside of black and red.  Not only did the new colors have me excited, but the fact that they are 0.5mm was icing on the cake.

The 0.5mm tip size probably isn't the most popular tip size across the Jetstream line, but it is far and away my favorite.  I actually order 0.5mm blue and black refills to replace the 0.7mm cartridges that come in many of the barrels that I like (fyi - the new color ink refills do not fit the older/standard Jetstream barrels).  Even if you don't share the same love of the 0.5mm Jetstream as I do, I think you will be impressed at how smooth these pens write.  There is little to no scratch, and the lines are very solid with no skipping.  This makes for a very vibrant pink ink color, which shows up great on my Doane Paper.  All of the colors are equally as sharp looking.

The barrel is probably my least favorite part of the package, but the more I wrote with it the less I paid attention to it and enjoyed the performance of the pen.  There is nothing bad about it per se, but I prefer the Jetstream Basic and Sport series with their rubber grips.  Plus the overall feel of the other two models is more sturdy.  This pen is lighter, has no rubber grip, and doesn't feel as formidable in the hand.

This is a very nice addition to the Jetstream line, and hopefully Uni-Ball will continue to expand the Color Ink Series.  C'mon purple!

Click here for the XL review.

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Posted on March 10, 2010 .