Review: Zebra #2 HB 0.7mm

Zebra #2Good things come in small packages, and the Zebra #2 0.7mm pencil is good all over.  There is something about the simple design of this pencil that really appeals to me.  I can't take credit for finding them though - my wife brought these home one day so she would have something to take on vacation to work on her crossword puzzles with.  And none other than Chad Doane offers them up in his Doane Paper Store, so they must be cool, right?

The coolness lies in the simplicity of the design and functionality of this pencil.  It has a shorter plastic barrel than a standard length pencil, but it is very comfortable to hold.  The lead ejects just as it would on any other disposable lead pencil - by pressing down on the eraser.  And while I say disposable, there is the option to refill the lead if you are so inclined.  The lead is very nice in its own right, laying down a sharp dark line.

This isn't a pencil I would have ever tried out on my own, but I'm glad my wife showed me the way.  That happens more than I'm willing to admit.  :)

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Posted on March 19, 2010 .