Review: Zebra SK-Sharbo+1 2 Color Eco Ballpoint Multi Pen + Pencil

Zebra SK-Sharbo

These multi pen names can get rather lengthy, can't they?  The Zebra SK-Sharbo+1 multi pen/pecil contains two 0.7mm ballpoint ink cartridges - black and red - plus an 0.5mm pencil, all wrapped up in an eco-friendly barrel.  As best as I can tell from this link, the barrel is made from 75% recycled materials, and a mighty fine barrel it is.

As with many of the Zebra multi pens that I have tested out, the barrel feels extremely sturdy and durable.  It is a nice wight in the hand, comfortable to hold, and, with the clear green tinted plastic, pretty nice to look at.  What surprised me the most about this pen was how little effort it took for me to write with.  The ballpoint glided across the page.  I would prefer a darker black ink, but this gets the job done, and the red is pretty nice to boot.  The only thing that bothered me about this pen was the pink plastic bit inside the barrel to denote the red ink, but maybe that part is recycled as well, so I'll give them a pass. 

I will have to peruse the archives to see if I have reviewed an eco-friendly multi pen before, but off the top of my head I am thinking not (Aha!  There is another).  Maybe the Zebra SK-Sharbo+1 will be your first as well.

Click here for the XL review.

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Posted on March 29, 2010 .