Review: Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.28mm Blue Black

Uni-Ball Signo DXI think I have mentioned it recently either on this blog or in my Twitter feed that I am going to work on reviewing some of the more standard pens that I have never gotten around to posting.  Kind of a "Back to Basics" series.  There are many pens I use on a daily or weekly basis that are of the more standard variety: mostly base colors like black, blue, and blue black, and varying from 0.28mm to 0.7mm in tip size.  The Uni-Ball Signo DX Blue Black is one of these pens that gets lots of use.

This is mostly a note taking pen for me, getting a lot of action when I am at work.  I've shown a few examples of my notes in the past, and I like to write small and use multiple colors of the same pen to mark up any notes I have taken.  This Blue Black is one of my base note taking pens, and I often pair it with a Lime Green Signo DX 0.28mm.  The 0.38mm Signo DX is one of the pens I recommend to new readers the most, but if you are looking for something very fine and sharp (and yes, scratchier), then take a look at the 0.28mm Signo DX.  It is a fantastic pen.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on March 3, 2010 .