Review: UGLee Pen

UGLee PenAfter seeing the UGLee Pen reviewed by my friend Office Supply Geek I knew I had to try it out.  I had also heard from a couple of readers (one being a medical student) who were interested in the pen and what I had to say about it, so after a few mails exchanged with the inventor of the UGLee Pen, Dr. James Lee, I had a sample on the way.

The main claim of the UGLee Pen is that it is the world's most comfortable ergonomic pen, so let's cut right to the chase - is it?  It very well might be.  When I think of ergonomic pens, I think of pens with specialized barrels and grips that force your hand into a writing position defined by the pen manufacturer.  That is not the case with the UGLee Pen.  The grip does not force you into holding the pen a certain way, but rather it allows you to hold it how you are most comfortable, and it conforms to your fingers.  The grip is very soft and has a lot of give, but it snaps back into shape when you are not writing.

While the grip really stands out in the design of the pen, the barrel is very complimentary as well.  First of all, the overall weight of the pen is less than 1/2 an ounce, so it is ultra light.  The barrel also has a notched area that falls right in the cusp of your hand when in the writing position.  All of these things combined work very well together, and when you add in a smooth writing experience, this makes for a great comfort pen.

The ink itself is a combination of gel and ballpoint inks, and it goes down on the page very nicely.  The tip size is in the 1.0mm to 1.2mm range, so regardless of the ink being used, it is going to write very smoothly due to the tip size.  From time to time when writing, the ink would make a small glob like you would experience with a traditional ballpoint, but it was infrequent enough to where I don't think it is an issue.  The black was very dark though, which I always look for.

UGLee Pen

Overall, the UGLee Pen is impressively designed, and certainly has a market.  My wife is in the medical field herself and does a lot of short burst writing all day long, and she really liked how this pen felt and has started to take it to work with her.  I also look forward to letting my kids try these out.  Dr. Lee mentions on his website the benefits of kids learning to write with the UGLee pen, and I can very much see that.

Thanks again to Dr. Lee for providing me the sample of the UGLee Pen.  You can find more information about the UGLee Pen at

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Posted on April 1, 2010 .