Review: Uni-Ball Power Tank Smart Series High Grade Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm

Uni-Ball Power Tank High GradeThe Uni-Ball Power Tank High Grade is big step forward in design from the original Power Tank.  The barrel is made out of aluminum, and the grip is essentially built into the barrel with a micro spiral design that runs from the brass tip to the knock.  This is truly a beautiful looking pen.

Looks alone do not make for a great pen though, but the Power Tank does a nice job on the performance end of the spectrum as well.  If you used the previous version, or one the newly released polycarbonate models, then you will know how this pen takes to the page.  The line is super clean, and the black ink is not too light.  It is not quite as smooth as a similarly sized Jetstream, but the special writing abilities of the Power Tank more than make up for any difference.

The pressurized ink cartridge technology of this pen is a huge plus, allowing you to write in extreme heat and cold, wet surfaces, or even upside down.  This model comes with a refillable metallic cased cartridge, and the barrel is available in six different colors in the 0.7mm tip size.  There is also a 1.0mm tip size that is available in the silver barrel.  Be sure to check out the product page on JetPens to see some great close-up photographs.

The list of uses for this pen is a long one - let me grab my Power Tank High Grade to start writing them down.

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on April 14, 2010 .