Review: Uni-Ball Jetstream Color 0.5mm Orange

Uni-Ball JetstreamI broke out the pink last month, and as my friend the Office Supply Geek did earlier this week, it is time to break out the new-ish Uni-Ball Jetstream Color Series 0.5mm Orange pen.  Before you read any further, head on over and read his review if you haven't done so already.  Go on, I'll wait.


Ok good, because I pretty much agree with everything he says.  Like I mentioned in the pink review, if you have never used an 0.5mm Jetstream, you may be in for a bit of a surprise.  The line is obviously very fine, and a little scratchy.  I happen to love it, but if you are used to the smooth, free-flowing writing of the 1.0mm Jetstreams, this one is in a completely different area code.  My only wish for this pen is that the cartridges were made the same size as the traditional Jetstreams so that I could swap these cool colors out of the funky barrels they reside in.

The not so subtle "Love Goes Home to Paris in the Spring" by the Magnetic Fields gets my vote as one of the top breakup songs ever.  Lead singer Stephin Merritt is a bit of an acquired taste, but once the acquisition is complete, you are hooked for life.  Merritt has a great talent for songwriting, and I am a huge fan.  In fact, as the Office Supply Geek can attest to, I use the name "Magnetic Fields" for some of my fantasy baseball teams (I'm kicking his butt by the way :).  Enjoy the video below:

Click here for the XL review.

Posted on April 30, 2010 .