Review: Zebra Regal Roller AR7 0.7mm Rollerball

Zebra Regal RollerThe Zebra Regal Roller AR7 is yet another one of the great new products "Coming Soon" from Zebra.  Like the NR5 that I reviewed not too long ago, this pen was sent to me by Zebra, and marks a very nice design change in their product offerings.

From the look of things, this pen is designed to compete with the Uni-Ball Vision and Vision Elite's of the world.  The overall design and feel of the pen are in the neighborhood of the Vision, and that is certainly a compliment.  The AR7 is very well made, incorporating some of the same design elements that I enjoyed with the NR5.  The AR in the name stand for Arrow Roller (the NR is Needle Roller), and while my preference lies with the needle tip pens, the AR has a great ink flow.  The blue is nice and solid, and there are no bleed or skipping issues at all.  This is just a really solid all-around pen.

From what I was told earlier by Zebra, these new products should be hitting the shelves soon.  I plan on running some recon at my local Staples later today, so I'll let you know if I see any new products out there yet.

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Posted on April 5, 2010 .