Review: Fisher Space Pen X-Mark Bullet

Fisher Space Pen

This review has been a loooong time coming.  Not because I have had this pen for a great length of time, but rather because the Fisher Space Pen has been one of the most requested reviews from readers of this blog, and I finally found a model of the pen that spoke to me enough to purchase.  Sure, I could have picked up a standeard silver bullet somewhere along the way off the shelf at Staples, but so could anyone else.  I wanted something different while keeping the price reasonable.

Enter the Fisher Space Pen X-Mark Bullet.  I found this beauty at Goldspot Pens for the extremely reasonable price of $15.30 (no special consideration was given), especially considering the model carried at Staples is right around $20.  Two things really sold me on the X Mark over a basic model:  1) the black matte finish is great looking, and 2) it has a clip.  If I am going to purchase a compact pen for whatever use, a pen clip is almost mandatory.  I don't do well with a pen that just floats around in my pocket or backpack.  I have to clip it to the notebook I am using, or to my shirt pocket, backpack pocket, or wherever.  The clip on the X-Mark does a great job.

As you well know by now, looks don't mean much without great writing performance, and this is where the Fisher Space Pen surprised me.  I was worried about spending this much on a ballpoint pen and never using it, but this pen writes as well as any similar pen that I have tried.  The black ink is especially dark for a ballpoint, and is extremely smooth.  I enjoyed writing with this pen quite a bit.

I have only found one potential negative with this pen so far - the cap doesn't really snap or lock into place when putting it back on the tip of the pen.  This is a minor quibble, but I am used to more of a locking effect when capping a pen, and this one just slides on and I have to double-check to ensure that it is on tight enough.  Once I get more time with this pen I will be able to notice better if this is a problem.

The Fisher Space Pen is the forefather to other write anywhere pens like the Uni-Ball Power Tank and the Tombow Airpress.  Rain, cold, heat, outer space - this pen is made to handle it all.  Maybe I'll get to the moon one day to really test this pen out.  Now THAT would be a pen review!

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Posted on May 10, 2010 .