Pen Addict Sunday Fun Contest

I have a ton of pens laying around just looking for a new home, so I though I would try something new every now and then like this Sunday Fun contest.  Here we go....

Be the first to name the photographer and the two album covers the below image was used for:


I will provide hints later if no one gets this, but it will probably be obvious to a few.  Be there first with the correct answer in the comments section and I will send you some nice goodies.

UPDATE:  We have a winner - nice job Patrick!  The photographer is Dennis Hopper, and the photograph was split in two and used for The Smiths "Best" Volume I and II as seen below:



In my younger days, I had a large record store promotional display of the girl on the Best I cover.  I wish I still had it now.  I do still have a vinyl copy of Best I, which you can see in the top left of this photo.

Email me your mailing address Patrick and I will get some pens out to you early next week.

Posted on May 30, 2010 .