Review: Pilot G23 Luxury Gel Rollerball

Pilot G-2

This Pilot G-2 Special Edition was bought off of eBay many, many months ago.  So long ago in fact, that I am unable to pull up the original information from the purchase, nor am I able to find squat on this pen anywhere on the internet.  Maybe I should get around to reviewing my pens in a more timely fashion, huh?

Regardless of the lack of info, I can still tell you plenty about the pen.  While I knew that the 0.38mm Pilot G-2 gel ink cartridge would work just as well as any other I have tried, it was the barrel that had me intrigued.  The steel barrel looked really sharp, but one thing I didn't notice and has ended up turning me off of this pen is the cap design.  As you can see in the picture, there is a notch in the barrel that a matching point on the cap has to slide into like a puzzle piece to get the cap on securely.  This is endlessly frustrating to me, because I am used to just popping the cap on and going.  With this pen, I have to pay attention more to what I am doing.  The horrors!

If the rest of the pen was perfect I could overlook the cap design, but it really isn't.  There is a weight/balance issue with the pen for starters.  With the cap posted, it is too top heavy and unbalanced, and with the cap off, it is too light.  And I almost never write with the cap off.  Also, the grip area of the pen tapers a significant amount, making it a little too skinny to hold, especially considering the weight.

I believe I paid $12.50 for this pen, so I'm not out too much money, but I was hoping to enjoy it more than I have.

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Update: Thanks to Michael from CultPens, I know know exactly what this pen is called.  Thanks!

Posted on May 5, 2010 .