Review: Schneider Tops 505 M Ballpoint

Schneider BallpointI was introduced to the Schneider brand by a few readers of this blog, and being the fortunate blogger that I am, I had a few of them sent my way as well.  This particular Schneider Tops 505 M was sent to me by my good pen friend Carmen, who bought this and several other pens I have reviewed in the past on a trip to Europe last year.  Sorry it has taken so long for me to post some of these Carmen!

Based on the previous Schneider pens I have reviewed, they make a good, consistent product.  The inks are nice, and they do a nice job with their barrel design.  This particular Tops 505 model appears to be on the lower end of their ballpoint spectrum, but it does an admirable job.  One thing I have noticed about Schneider pens is that all the ones I have tried have a longer barrel than normal.  I didn't take an exact measurement, nor did a photo comparison (genius - that's me!), but I bet this pen is at least an inch longer than a standard Bic ballpoint.  The Scheinder Sliders I have reviewed are in the same ballpark as well.

Like I mentioned in the written review, I imagine this pen is the mass produced workhorse of the Schneider line, filling up office supply cabinets, bank counters, and anywhere else you would find a disposable pen.  It is a bit of a scratchy writer, but the line is clean and the tip stays generally mess free.  You can't say that about every entry level ballpoint.

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Posted on June 16, 2010 .