Review: Pentel Slicci 0.4mm Purple

Uni-Ball JetstreamIs this the long lost review you have all been waiting for?  Well, not exactly, but it boils down to the fact that I did this review in April - of 2009 - but never posted it to the site.  I found it in my Flickr stream, and as I re-read the review, I realized it touched on a few points that are worth updating since I originally wrote it.

First of all, I talked about how excited I was about the Pentel Sliccies line.  That excitement was pretty short lived after using the Sliccies for a while though.  They aren't terrible pens by any stretch, but they fall short of the standard single barrel Slicci.  I like the wider barrel, but I don't feel the lines are as sharp.  Also, in the three cartridge barrel, I feel that the tip of the cartridge comes out at too much of an angle, which annoys me on a lot of levels.  The ink colors are really vibrant, but the single barrel is the Slicci for me.

Secondly, I mentioned that the Slicci was ahead of the Hi-Tec-C at the time, but those roles have reversed for me recently.  I have become hooked on the grip model Hi-Tec-C pens, and while I still fight with them on the stopping and starting issue, the barrel is so much more enjoyable to write with.

For the Purple Slicci reviewed here - it is a really nice pen.  They are some of the most consistent writers around, and lay down a clean, sharp line.  As long as you can handle the skinny barrel diameter, you should enjoy it very much.

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Posted on June 24, 2010 .