Review: Nomadic PE-10 Tri-Fold Pencil Case

Nomadic Tri-FoldI love the design of the Nomadic PE-10 Tri-Fold Pencil Case, but I was honestly concerned about the functionality of it when it first arrived.  Would the Tri-Fold stlye work for me?  How would it close with the pens stacked on top of each other?  Am I doing it right?  I still have some questions about this pencil case, but the more I use it, the more it grows on me.

First off, if you have ever owned a Nomadic case, you know how well it is designed and constructed.  The nylon is durable, the stitching is tight, and in the case of this black model, the color is deep and striking.  I have played around with a few different pen layouts on the inside, and I settled on the "packed to the gills" style.  I'm not convinced this is the best way to go about it, but it actually seems to work.  I was worried how the case would close with all of these pens essentially stacked on top of each other, but that doesn't appear to be an issue.  It closes with no effort at all, and still lays reasonably flat.  You can see how many pens I have jammed in here in the photo below (apologies for the poor quality):

Nomadic Tri-Fold
I still go back and forth a bit on whether I really love this case, or just like it.  The way it is laid out, I could actually see it used as an every day carry type of case, fitting some pens, plus a few larger items like a multi-tool, pen light, knife, scissors, etc., so I plan on trying that out as well.  I'll shoot a few more photos once I load it up with different accessories, but overall, I am pretty happy with this case.

The Nomadic Tri-Fold is available in six different colors from JetPens.  Most models are $10, but both the Gray and Light Gray colors have been reduced to $8.50.

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Nomadic Tri-Fold

Posted on June 3, 2010 .