Review: Zebra Airfit 2+S Multi Pen

Zebra Airfit Multi PenThe Zebra Airfit 2+S Multi Pen was a pen I picked up off of eBay many months ago.  I very much enjoyed the original Airfit Jell I bought from JetPens, so I thought this one looked nice and was worth a shot.

I knew going into it that the ink cartridges were of the ballpoint variety as opposed to the gel that I was used to, but that was ok by me.  The funny thing is that what was supposed to be a black + red + pencil multi pen arrived with a blue ink cartridge in the black slot.  The barrel of the pen even says black on it!  Again, no worries.  I like Zebra's blue ballpoint ink just as well, if not better than the black anyway.  As you can see on the written review, both ink colors are very nice, but performance wise there was a decent amount of skipping which takes this pen down a notch or two.

I also found the cartridge switching mechanism on the barrel a little clunky to operate.  Instead of a knock or plunger type button, the clip twists around the top from station to station.  It is a little tight and clunky as it moves around - certainly not as smooth as some of Zebras other offerings.  The Airfit grip is always a nice touch, but the rest of the pen didn't really do much for me.  I'll stick with the single cartridge Airfit Jell for now.

Click here for the XL review.

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Posted on June 30, 2010 .