Guest Review: A Brand Called ED’s ‘Pencils’ Case

This is my first review of a pen case, and I chose to do one because I was stoked to find such a decent pen case for under 10 AUD. 

My name is Ben, I live in Australia, a wonderful country where it is almost impossible to find most of the pens reviewed on this site, and where good quality pen cases are virtually unheard of. When I can find good pens and accessories they are usually double, if not triple the ordinary retail price. 

Hence my surprise when I found this case in my local Officeworks store. The case is Tri-fold, and despite having the word “PENCILS” boldly displayed on the cover, I think this case would be better suited to carrying pens; It only has 3 elastic loops, 4 pouches, and one token zipper compartment, that could hold at max 10 pencils. 

Unlike other pencil cases made by this brand, this model has very good quality stitching, and is made of a strong, woven material ( I think it’s polyester), with light padding between the inner and outer layers. The lining is made of the same material, with the result that pen clips won’t potentially damage it (something that can’t be guaranteed with a few models of Nomadic cases). 

Now for the Negatives: The elastic loops are very loose, and there really should be 6, with three at both ends of the case, such that writing instruments are held in place at the top and bottom, to provide a more secure hold of pens/pencils. 

The zipper feels cheap, and probably wouldn’t like strenuous use. I guess the biggest downside is that the case can only hold 6 decent sized pens (as can be seen in the photo) and is a bit bulky when filled ‘to the brim’. However this suits me to a ‘t’ because I wanted it to hold a couple of fountain pens and ballpoints, without them rattling around in my ordinary pencil case. 

The case is available in Black, Blue, Pink, and Green, and retails for 7.99 AUD


  Pencils 2 


Thanks Ben for the excellent review!  If anyone else is interested in writing a guest review for The Pen Addict, please feel free to email me using the address on the sidebar.

Posted on July 30, 2010 and filed under Guest Post, Pen Case.