Review: Uni-Ball Signo MF2

Uni-Ball MF2Have I reviewed the Uni-Ball Signo MF2 before?  You would think I might have already, but you would be wrong.  I reviewed the Uni-Ball MF3 - the three cartridge version available in Japan via JetPens - well over a year ago, but it wasn't until a recent Target run that I grabbed the MF2 model - 0.5mm black gel ink and an 0.5mm pencil - despite the fact that the MF2 had been out for nearly as long.

You would think Uni-Ball would market a pen as cool as this a little better, but Target is the only store in my town that carries it.  Not Staples, not Office Depot, and not Wal-Mart.  Maybe it doesn't hit that core office products user in the sweet spot, but it sure is a nice pen, and especially great for students during this back to school time of year.  My favorite thing about this pen is its simplicity.  The barrel is no frills - it is a nice translucent smokey black plastic with a smooth rubber grip.  To eject either the pen or the pencil, you just flip the pen clip into the proper position, and that is really it.  Just a quick back and forth to change it up.

The gel ink Signo writes great.  The black gel ink is solid, and lays down a clean line.  It is comparable to the Signo 207 Micro in performance, which is a good thing.  The pencil does a great job as well, and the eraser is quick and easy to get to on the end of the barrel.

So why aren't these types of multi pen setups more prevalent in the States?  It is really hard to find a non-ballpoint multi pen on store shelves, and I for one would love it if they became more of an everyday option.

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Uni-Ball MF2

Posted on August 9, 2010 and filed under Multi Pen, Pen Reviews, Signo, Uni-Ball.