Giveaway: Noodler's Ink Fountain Pen with Piston Fill & Ink Window


This is another great giveaway courtesy of my friends at, and this time it is for one of the relatively new Noodler's Ink Fountain pens as seen in the picture above  (full name: Noodler's Ink Fountain Pen with Piston Fill & Ink Window - Fine Medium Nib - Black Body).  Here is the product description from the JetPens website:

The always innovating Noodler's Ink has created its own brand of fountain pens! JetPens gives Noodler's Ink mad props for putting together the whole manufacturing process behind the pens in such a short amount of time! We are also very honored to be one of the first retailers selected to carry this new product line.

Born out of the ingenuity and experience of the ink designer and pen connoisseur Nathan at Noodler's Ink, the Noodler's Ink fountain pens are truly one-of-a-kind writing instruments that were designed for the avid and fountain pen users.

The first line is a very, very affordable piston-filling fountain pen. This pen body is cleverly devised so that one can simply twist to extend the back end of the barrel in order to create suction in the piston inside the pen to draw ink. Moreover, there is an ink window near the grip of the pen, so one can monitor the ink level of the pen. This line of pens contains 5 body colors (black, navy, red, burgundy, or turquoise) for your varied tastes. The second line of pens wear a special handmade ebonite body that comes in 2 unique colors: mottled green or brown. The ebonite body gives a great grip while maintains a good heft. The pen comes with an aerometric filling system. Both product lines use a fine medium steel nib, which is between fine and medium size nibs in the US. The Noodler's Ink brand is engraved on both the nib face and clip of the pens.

Each pen comes with a paper box that displays the beloved Noodler's mascot catfish along with drawings of characters from the labels for some popular Noodler's Ink fountain pen inks. See if you can pick them out.

The rules are as follows:

1. Leave one comment on this post anytime between now, and Thursday night at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.  You are limited to one entry.  Feel free to link this giveaway on your blog, or share it with anyone you feel is a true pen addict.  If you have a blog, I would love a link back, but it is certainly not required for entry into the contest.

2. For this contest, I will pick one winner at random from the comments section of this post.  The comments will be numbered in the order they are received, i.e. the first comment is #1, the second #2, and so on.  The Random Integer Generator at will be used to pick the number of the winner.

3. The contest winner will be posted on Friday, September 17th.  The winner will have one week to email me at the address posted in the right sidebar.

4. I will ship internationally.  I know there are many international readers and fans of The Pen Addict, and I will gladly ship to you at my expense.

Thanks and good luck!

Posted on September 14, 2010 and filed under Giveaways.