Review: Uni-Ball Jetstream 4+1 0.7mm Ballpoint Multi Pen

Uni-Ball JetstreamMore Jetstreams?  More multi pens?  Well, for me the answers are unequivocally yes and yes!  I am as big of a multi pen fan as they come, and the Jetstream line from Uni-Ball is one of my favorites, so combining all of that into a four ink cartridge plus pencil package - a sleek black package at that - I am all in.  And the best thing about it is something that I have never tried before, nor actually seen before - green Jetstream ink.

Has anyone else seen green Jetstream ink available in a single cartridge barrel?  I personally haven't, but I would love to know if that combination exists.  As a general rule, I am not a big green ink user, but like red recently, I am coming around to using it more often.  This green is nice and solid, and a very good shade.  It compliments the blue Jetstream ink very nicely.  I use the black and red in conjunction a lot as well, but the pencil only gets rare action.  If you have ever used a Jetstream pen before, you can rest assured that the performance is at the same high level.

I do have two minor quibbles with this pen, and they kind of work in conjunction.  The barrel is wide and the grip is firm.  I use a lot of pressure to write with, so that combination doesn't always work well for me, but this pen is set up perfectly for someone with a nice flowing handwriting.  At $15 it is not cheap, but you can justify it at $3 per cartridge, right?  ;)

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Products used:
Uni-ball Jetstream 4&1 4 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Black Body from JetPens
Writing Pad from Doane Paper

Posted on September 20, 2010 and filed under Jetstream, Multi Pen, Pen Reviews, Uni-Ball.