Pilot MultiBall Liquid Ink Pen Review

Pilot MultiBall

(This is a guest post by Brian Draghi. You can follow Brian on Twitter @Sketchscape)

I was rather skeptical on whether the Pilot MultiBall would actually write on multiple surfaces as it claimed based on its description. I was quite shocked to find that it does indeed write on nearly every type of material and it is also one of my favorite writing pens now.

I was blown away by how dark, smooth and even the ink rolls off the onto the page that it doesn'€™t even require any effort to use. The overall line constancy is very dark black and writes the same way regardless of the surface type. It works on glass, plastic, mirrors, metal and cloth; materials that are usually only reserved for markers. One of the interesting things about this pen is the ability to wipe off any type of mark you make on any nonporous surface with a damp cloth. Once the ink has dried for a few hours, it becomes permanent like a Sharpie.

Taking off the cap, the rubber grip is rather comfortable. The grip is textured just enough to create an ideal balance between your thumb and index finger. It can definitely provide long endurance sessions of writing notes or sketching without any hand fatigue. Design wise, this pen has a bold striking shape that is lightweight and sleek to hold. It has a look similar to tactical pens that are available to its long and pointed body.

The MultiBall does have some issues adjusting to certain surfaces. Writing on a mirror, for instance, takes a few seconds of adjustment for the lines to start appearing. This is such a minor issue for an otherwise great pen.

Pilot MultiBall


The Pilot MultiBall is easily one of my top five pens due to it's surface versatility and smooth writing ability. The fine point works perfectly with my own writing style and I can always count on it to write the same way every time I use it. The Pilot Multiball is a such steal on JetPens.com for $1.65 that there should be no reason not to at least try this jack of all trades pen.

Rating 5 out of 5 pens


- Smooth and dark lines every time

- Writes on nearly every surface

- Very affordable pen

- Long writing period without fatigue


- Brief time to adjust between surfaces

Posted on November 2, 2011 and filed under MultiBall, Pencil Reviews, Pilot.