Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro Roller Ball Review

Kuretake Zig CocoIro 0.3mm Roller Ball

Artists have enjoyed the customization of the Kuretake CocoIro Letter Pen system since it was introduced last year. 16 different barrel colors and 13 brush pen refills are at your disposal to mix and match as you see fit. Earlier this year, Kuretake snuck in a 0.3 mm roller ball refill so I figured it was about time for me to check it out.

You don’t hear 0.3 mm and roller ball in the same sentence too often. Gel ink yes, but pretty uncommon for liquid ink pens. With the CocoIro system, I was able to pick out the barrel color that I wanted - Chestnut Brown - and the refill just screws right in. I found it odd at first how the end of the refill pokes out the end of the barrel, but it doesn’t really affect anything. It is more useful if you are constantly swapping out brush pen inks so you can see which color is currently loaded.

Kuretake Zig CocoIro Barrel

The line and the ink quality is similar to the Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.38 mm. The liquid ink is going to bleed a little more of course, but it is not a major issue. This might be a good option for lefties looking for a micro tip pen since it dries quickly.

I find myself reaching for CocoIro more than I thought I would. It is a fun option when you are bored with your standard stick or retractable pen. Be sure to check out Geminica’s original brush pen review as well.

Kuretake Zig CocoIro Refill

Posted on December 21, 2011 and filed under Cocolro, Kuretake, Pen Reviews.