Uni-Ball Multi 5 Multi Pen + Pencil Review

Uni Multi 5

When choosing pens, sometimes superficiality rules the day, and in the case of the Uni-Ball Multi 5, I just had to have the Capri Blue body color, no matter how the pen performs. I haven't seen to many barrels in this shade of blue, and as well as Uni-Ball designs pens, I thought they did a great job with the overall package.

Fortunately from a writing perspective, this pen holds up pretty well. This is no Jetstream ink, but Uni-Balls standard ballpoint ink is pretty nice in its own right. The 0.7mm ink cartridges write neat and cleanly, although they are prone to a small bit of streaking. The black and blue inks are great (I really like how my lettering came out on the page), the red ink is decent, but the green ink is a lost cause. It is far too light for me. The pencil is just that, but at least if you like that option in your multi pens, the Multi 5 comes with an on board eraser, which sometimes isn't present in pens like this.

The overall package won me over, and while this pen isn't going to top any of my personal lists, it gets the job done nicely. The Uni Multi 5 can be found at JetPens for $7.50 in Black, White, Navy, Rose Red, and Capri Blue body colors.

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Posted on March 28, 2011 and filed under Ballpoint, Multi Pen, Pen Reviews, Uni-Ball.