Ohto Capstick Cap-Knock Needle Point Ballpoint Pen Review

Ohto Capstick

The new Ohto product has been rolling in hot and heavy at JetPens, and apprently I am on a quest to try them all. Two weeks ago, it was the Ohto Needle-Point Slim Line 0.3mm Ballpoint, and this time around, it is the Ohto Capstick Cap-Knock Needle Point 0.5 Ballpoint. Both of the are unique in their own ways, with the Needle-Point being an 0.3mm ballpoint - which I had never tried before - and the Capstick having a very unique knock feature.

The special knock feature is the main selling point of this pen, along with its compact size. The way the knock works is you remove the cap from the pen and then just post it. There is a small flange within the cap that pushes the tip of the pen out so you can write, and when you are done, you just pull the cap off and the tip retracts back into the barrel. I was a little unsure at first, but it is a very simple operation that works flawlessly.

From a writing perspective, I see a little line width variation on the page, almost like there is some extra ink flow from time to time, but overall it isn't bad. For an 0.5mm width, the black ink is pretty dark, which is something I like. Overall, I will say it writes cleanly.

If I were to carry this pen around and show it to friends in the non-pen circles I travel in, they would certainly wonder why I am carrying lipstick or mascara around. I admit, this pen is more of a feminine design, but at least I can say I am just holding it for my wife. Right?

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Ohto Capstick

Posted on April 25, 2011 and filed under Ballpoint, Capstick, Ohto, Pen Reviews.