Review: J. Herbin Ambre de Birmanie

This review is by Kalina Wilson, who can also be found at

Ambre de birmanie photo When I first saw J. Herbin's Ambre de Birmanie fountain pen ink, I thought this would be perfect for taking on a vacation to the Mediterranean.  Can't you just see Italian villas and Spanish castles in this shade?


 Here I am in the wet, green, cloudy Pacific Northwest, but in the end I'm still finding this color very useful and really  a joy to work with.  It implies a sunny day even if it's not literal...


It's dark enough in a fountain pen to work well for line drawings...

Ambre drawing

You can use it in a brush pen to add mid-tone.


Brush it over some fountain pen inks and it will make mud... but over others it makes magic.


This ink is great in fountain pen or brush pen. I see the most potential for use in sketching, but if your pen lays down a nice dense line, it's beautiful for writing as well.  

Posted on June 27, 2011 and filed under Geminica, Ink Review, J. Herbin.