#OnePenOneDay - EnerGel, Sakura, Kaweco, Zebra


The #OnePenOneDay project keeps rolling on - here are the four latest pens to make it through the day:

Pentel EnerGel Euro Needle 0.35mm Blue -- This pen got heavy use on its selected project day, and it is just as good as ever. I took three full pages of notes with it, and it performed flawlessly. This is one of the best pens going, and may take over as my most recommended pen to those new to micro tip pens. Watch out Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.38mm!

Sakura Pigma Micron 03 Black -- See, I really do have a lot of these laying around. If it hasn't already, this pen needs to be added into the pantheon of all-time great pens. The performance is great, and the barrel is sleek and comfortable. Still a winner after all these years.

Kaweco Sport AL -- This was a risky acquisition seeing as I am not the biggest fountain pen guy on the block, but wow is this a great pen. In retrospect, I would have bought the blue black ink instead of the aubergine, but even after sitting around for weeks unused, the ink flows from the nib immediately.

Zebra Regal Roller NR5 -- I liked this pen a lot when it came out, and I still like it a lot, but when I was running it through the challenge I was longing for a finer tip. That is not a knock on this pen at all - in fact it still compares well to the Pilot V5 needle - but it is not going to make my heavy rotation.

Posted on June 3, 2011 and filed under #onepenoneday, Energel, Kaweco, Pentel, Sakura Pigma Micron, Zebra.