#OnePenOneDay A.G. Spalding Bros. Bullet Roller

A.G. Spalding Bros. Silver Bullet Pen

This is a long forgotten pen in my stash, but the A.G. Spalding Bros. Bullet Roller design is so sleek I had to break it back out for the #OnePenOneDay project. One problem I ran into right out of the gate: the refill had dried up. I so badly wanted to use this pen I tried refills from about 10 different pens before hitting on a winner in the Ohto Ceramic 0.5mm Roller Ball refill. Worked like a champ!

The one flaw with this pen in some eyes is the lack of a clip to keep the pen from rolling away. It doesn’t bother me, but it is a quick one when it is ready to roll, so pay attention! Otherwise, it was fun to revisit, and I will be using it much more frequently. Be sure to check out the original review to see what the old reviews used to look like on The Pen Addict.

Posted on August 31, 2011 and filed under #onepenoneday, A.G. Spalding.