Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen - Super Fine Review

Kuretake Brush Pen Super Fine

Continuing my suddenly recurring theme of pens I never really cared for but all of a sudden find fun and useful, the Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen has worked its way into every day use. Since I don’t pretend to be an artist of any kind, I never had a use for brush pens until recently talking with one of my co-workers at JetPens. She uses super fine hard tip brush pens for taking notes and wondered if I did too.

I do now.

I honestly had never considered it before this conversation, but it makes sense. I love using drawing pens to take notes with, so why not brush pens? The tip is not quite as firm as the felt and plastic tip pens I regularly use, but it is closer than you would imagine. Not all brush pens are going to be able to do as well this Kuretake Fudegokochi though. It has a very firm tip, and you can see in the writing sample above that while there is some line width variation, it is a tight enough range to make my notes look good.

There is one big difference between this pen and a felt tip drawing pen: the drying time is much longer. I don’t have enough experience with a wide variety of brush pens to know if this is just with the Kuretake or not, but I’m sure there are many differences between the brands.

Now I am on a new hunt. What are some of the most firm, super fine tipped brush pens out there? I have used the popular Zebra Disposable before, but the tip is not as firm. Is there anything else on the market like this pen? Maybe my brush pen guru Kalina knows.

Posted on August 8, 2011 and filed under Brush Pen, Kuretake, Pen Reviews.