Baltz Fine Writing Instruments

Kickstarter has become a hotbed of interesting pen projects, and the latest campaign that has caught my eye is from Baltz Fine Writing Instruments.

I saw this campaign when it first hit Kickstarter last week, and the press and feedback on it have been outstanding. I exchanged emails with the founders this week, and find them to be genuinely likable guys, but then again, they are Southerners like myself, so that should be expected.

If you watch their videos and read the project details, you can tell they have put a lot of thought and detail into this offering. It isn’t cheap – $100 is the first pledge tier to come with a pen – but if you look at the craftsmanship and care that goes into each pen in the video below you will understand why.


They have already reached their initial $10,000 goal, but there is still plenty of time to get in on the action for one of these hand turned luxury pens. Well done Bart and Cass, and best of luck with the campaign.

Posted on September 1, 2011 and filed under Baltz, Kickstarter.